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Sunday, August 30, 2009

a few more crop projects

having FUN over here! made a couple of cards to play along with the awesome challenges in my Cafe Mom group. i was home most of the day, making sure my sweet Miss Ophelia was recovering well from her TWO surgeries yesterday. not only did she have her cysts and mammary gland removed, but she was also spayed (at 14 years old!). i'm pleased to report she's doing very well, although i've had to put the cone around her neck whenever she's out of our line of vision because she keeps trying to lick at the sutures.

the picnic/cookout crop is almost over, and i whipped up some little creations today.

this one is for the relay race - for this lap, we did a "water balloon toss" - so the images or ideas of water balloons (or in my case, water and a balloon) were to be included.

for this challenge, the theme is LEMONADE - rather, we use the phrase "when life gives you lemons..." and we do something creative with that. of course, we've seen "make lemonade", and we had an alcoholic twist on it too, but here's my creation (also based on a sketch provided by the hostess):

and with that, i shall be off to tidy some of my mess in the dining room (only to recreate the scene again tomorrow!). hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


  1. HA! Love that "pucker up" tag! And the pooh stamp is lovely. Cool projects.

  2. Wow this is gorgeous, i just love the first one, it's beautiful.
    Hugs xx


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