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Thursday, June 24, 2010

some odd dollies in the limelight! or something. hee hee.

hey there, chickens!
had a bit of time to squeeeeeeeze a post in, so i'm going to do a smidgen of catching up here!

first of all, the CRAFT FAIR hubbin and i attended on saturday went well, despite it being a kajillion degrees and super sunny. i have a NASTY sunburn, and i swear i slathered the sunscreen on before we left the house... it's not pretty.

i sold a total of 36 cards, and i ended up making a profit on top of what i'd paid for our space. YAY! my goal was to break even, and i nearly doubled it! i made two great contacts; one is for an upcoming craft fair at a local high school (the woman invited me, saying they have absolutely NO paper crafters there, so i may even bring a scrapbook or two), and the other is a woman who has her own jewellery consulting business (with a team of 35 girls), and she wants to special order some themed cards. woot!

of course, i am still unemployed, but at least hubbin's not giving me as much grief for the card stuff right now. :)

SO. there that is. so let's get to the crafty stuff, shall we?

we have new challenges! and actually, the Design Dollies challenges have been underway for a few days, so let's get right to it!

first of all, NEW COLOR CHALLENGE!
let's see what you can do with this one:

grey and yellow? yes, please! i busted out a fabby little BamPop! image (and OOOHHH, he was fun to colour!) and tried to make it all grade school-esque. whatcha think?

here's the prize package you could win, if you're my June winner:

you rikey? CLICK HERE to play along! this one runs until SUNDAY at midnight EST. and then there's only one more color challenge left for the month, so one more chance to win this juicy prize!

next, we have a new Elements Challenge at Design Dollies, hosted by the lovely Adina-Dollie... this time she wants you to tell us what your favourite ice cream flavour is... your project should use the colours that would represent your favourite flavour... her example was neapolitan, so she went all Brown, White and Pink... HERE'S WHERE YOU'LL FIND IT! you have until MONDAY at midnight EST for this one, unless you want to combine any of our challenges, in which case they all wrap up on sunday nights.

and i know i've mentioned this before, but we have an Odd Girl Call going on, and we're looking for some new Design Team members at Some Odd Girl! you, too, can be ODD like me! :D and believe me, i do wear that badge proudly! lots of awesome perks, the most AMAZING team, and you have plenty of time to submit your application! GO HERE for all the deets!

the latest Some Odd Girl challenge is up - it's all about the SHIMMER! you have until next WEDNESDAY at midnight EST to play along for the fabulous Hula Kaylee:

plus one Some Odd Girl image of your choice... maybe you'll choose FLYIN' PIG! i nabbed this little dude AGES ago, and had him all coloured up, but couldn't find the inspiration to use him until i saw the SKETCH CHALLENGE at Limelight... and Mandy asked us to use some STRING in our creations. piece of cake! i doodled away, and here's what i came up with:

that black trim in the center is a yummy piece of adhesive felt sent to me by my Odd Sistah, Kimmy, in a ribbon RAK i won... i've used a ton of stuff from that bag and haven't put a DENT in it! it's chock-full-of-YUMMEH! (thanks, girlie!)

ANNNND, i wanted to give a HUGE shout-out to the very lovely Karen, the squeezable Lauren, and my Holmes-slice, Kristy, for the awesome birthday goodies they sent! LOVE YOU, GIRLIES! i have awesome bloggy friends, indeed! *blows kisses*

now i'm off to pick up The Son from work, but first a quick stop to the dress shop at the corner to see if i can find something to wear in this blasted wedding party i'm in. argh. i can't find a single, elegant (and floor-length) dress with sleeves, so i think i'm going for two pieces instead. that might be a little easier. ciao, bellas! xo


  1. This is AWESOME!! I am going to feature this cute piggy card on my blog Monday. :) :) :)

    And congrats on the craft fair!

  2. congrads girl...glad you did double what you wanted :)

  3. Loving those cards girl...and yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for the profit at the craft fair and for the contact to have another show!! AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Profit...NICE!!! That's not a word we here too often in the cardmaking world ;) Love that little piggy-super cuteness!!

  5. that pig flys card kicks butt!! cingrats on all the sales, does not shock me as your cards are the best!!!!!!

  6. Yay, glad you did so well on the craft fair! Congrats!
    Your cards here are super cute, love 'em both!

    Happy Midsummer to you, doll! ^o^

  7. These cards are so amazingly adorable!

  8. Whooo! Profit = WIN!!

    I've been waiting to see that grey/yellow challenge since I watched you make the card at Scrap That! Looks almost as good on the web as it does in person.

    I know a little bit about bad sunburns... please feel better soon.

    *careful huggins*

  9. Well that ribbon sure got some fab use - LOVE how you took some diamond shapes out.
    And WOOT WOOT on the profit and your new contacts, that is totally rad!

  10. So glad to see your post today! I've been missing you! Yay for the card sales!!!! You go girl! I started teaching at my LSS and it now pays for my goodies so hubby is now off my back too : )
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Very fun! Loving the flying pig!!! hehe.

    lisa a.

  12. both of these are just so much fun!! I love them! Hugs Juls

  13. Loving both of these; can't decide which I like best. Great news about your card sales at the fair, and how cool that you've lined up another networking contact.
    PS, You're welcome - no shout-out required but it's so nice of you to mention it xxx

  14. oof you are MOST WELCOME and a veryveryveryyyyyyy ♥HAPPY B♥ to you once more!!! :)

    i had the grey and yellow swatch printed out last week and just NEVER got it done! (story of my life!) but i ♥LOVE♥ that fabulous ROBO-card you made...i will be remembering that one in future seeing as i have some LOVELY BP space-robots someone stamped for me! ;)

    awesome job on the limelight sketch, also! adorable piggie and the PERFECT (shoebox! i'm kinda HOOKED on those now!) sentiment!!! ♥♥♥


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