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Friday, February 18, 2011

annnnnnnnd SHE'S OFF!

Canada-bound, folks! have a fantastic weekend!

i may be able to pop in to say hello a couple of times, but there are TONS of things going on to fill my time for the next few days and i can't wait! kidnapping Dad for lunch (if i can swing it), bubble tea, Mandarin chinese buffet (the usual all-you-can-eat crab legs, plus it's the year of the rabbit, so they're celebrating with a DUMPLING festival,... though i don't know what dumplings have to do with rabbits), chillin' with my cousin and her girlfriend (who finally have their passports and can come to my FAVE coffeehouse with me), some crafty shoppin', the horror flick fest with my biffy (BFF), and just being happy to see some of my most wonderful friends and my Dad after nearly 7 months.

ANNNNND, the bonus of lunch on monday with the ever-so-fabulous DIANA! woot!

for the record, i'm bringing my colouring so i don't dry up whilst away. i can't imagine not having a Prismacolor pencil in my hand for almost 5 days! EEP!


  1. lucky you!! Mom says the weather isn't too bad there at the moment for Feb!! Enjoy! Robin

  2. Oh take care and enjoy yourself! Take lots of photos~ (like I have to tell you, we're scappers after all, every event is a potential LO! XD)
    I have to agree with bringing pencils with you at all times, sadly all good ideas I need to doodle down appear when I don't have one with me... ;___;

    Re: (mah blog) Oh thank heavens, finally someone who gets my jokes... I think I scared a few followers there with my bend over statments. XD
    (and yeah I sure wish I was Link... so thank you~ *blush* ^^'')

  3. And where and Canada might you be my lovely friend???? Anywhere on Vancouver Island?????
    Have a fabulous time!!!!

  4. where in canada is right!!!
    better not be cause I wasn't on your visit list :)
    have fun

  5. Have a fabulous time!!! Where are you going? I'm guessing somewhere on the Eastern side. Hopefully you have half decent weather too, it's supposed to be -30 here tonight, ugh!

  6. Sounds great, enjoy your stay and the safe!

    Big hugs

  7. Lunch was so fabulous!! Hope you got home OK. And it was so nice to meet you in person. I have to say, you are quite awesome!! :)


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