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Saturday, August 20, 2011

um, WOOT.

i ordered my netbook today from! (and it's pretty.)

now i hope i can figure out how to WORK the thing. i already know i'm going to need a case, and a little portable mouse, because i HATE the touchpads.

i've also been ORDERED to purchase the Slice (if i can find it on again - they change their deals all the time and i haven't seen this one in a week or more). the VP of my bank has a special order project for me and she said she's paying me in advance so i can get the die-cutting machine and get the work done by a deadline. so i'm going to own a Slice, too!

it was a crazy, EXHAUSTIFYING week, and i'm glad today is a day of chillin'. hubbin made me a scrummy breakfast and i'm about to get some cards done. lots of 'em.

no pictures today, but i hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


  1. You are getting to play with all sorts of new toys! Have fun! :)

  2. Well you just have all kinds of fun stuff on the way!!! YAY for you!

  3. SLICE - right now on Crop Chocolate!!

  4. Good stuff! I had put on in my cart too just in case you missed it! Glad you got it! When is the next time you'll be at ScrapThat?


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