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Sunday, March 4, 2012


so i had nasty migraines kickin' me arse this week, a couple of busy nights, a couple of very ROUGH nights, and i have a bazillion things to do today. grock shopping, trip to Michael's to get my Copics picked out (placing my order through Oozak - woot!), got some stuff for sale that i need to post here, got some colouring to do, planning to go to the gym and start my week off right, and NEED to do some maintenance on my poor nails. :)

that said, i just want to inform you that we have some new stuff hitting the store at Some Odd Girl tomorrow. you're gonna wanna come around to check it all out. that's all i'm sayin'. oh, and maybe i'll give you a little teaser.....

um, YAY. can't wait to share!

oh, also... for those of you who can get to a Marshall's store, i picked up 3 packs of AC alpha thickers for $1.49 each! they had LOADS of them - i just bought all of the small ones. ;) nifty!

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