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Saturday, October 12, 2013

come and link up your HALLOWEEN projects at Paper Issues!

there's still time - we're having SO much fun at our Halloween Linky Party that we've decided to extend it another week!  you TOTALLY want to jump on this one - there's a most delicious treat (not a trick, i promise) to be won!

this is a page from my early crafty days - i still don't know HOW to make a proper scrapbook page, and i just do my own darned thing, but i couldn't help but link this one up:

my super awesome friend Dee always showed up at the Cont in full makeup - she rocked the spider eyes and i loved that she did her own thing.  i think that's why i loved the ess out of her.  i didn't quite do the gothy/industrial thing either:

white cardigans, red lipstick and birthday cake hats.  not exactly the picture of goth, right?  (that reminds me, it's HAT SEASON!)

well there you have it.  you can win THIS:

and trust me, the stuff is OSS.  i'm a little obsessed with the green (Citron).  get it HERE at the Paper Issues shop, and once you've filled up your cart, do this:

happy linking, happy shopping, and happy HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN!

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