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Friday, March 7, 2014

i AM happy for hexies!

to be honest, i wasn't sure about the hexagon trend when it first exploded onto the crafty scene.  but it grew on me.  so much so, i had to get me some punches, and i grabbed every sheet of paper that had hexagons on it, and i even ended up buying a hexagon comforter and sheet set for my bed!  yeah, i can safely say i have a bit of a love for hexies now.  so when i saw there was a hexie challenge at Moxie Fab World, i needed to bust out the punches and get 'er done!  :)

here's my card - a Smudgy-Paw birthday card:

i love my hexie punches.  i love the black and grey and yellow.  i love that my biffy is WAY older than me and i can always joke about it.  :)  and i loves me the MOXIE FAB

happy Friday, chickens!  it's gonna be a fun weekend!  xo

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