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Monday, April 19, 2010

Design Dollies COLOR CHALLENGE, and a bit of an insight into LEAH

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and now, i bring you a brand new Design Dollies COLOR CHALLENGE! decided to do something a little different this time, although you are welcome to create anything you'd like using these colours:

a lovely variety of projects from our Dollies to inspire you can be found by CLICKING HERE - do it! you won't be sorry!

i thought i'd dig out my basket of THINGS - i know you are familiar with The Basket of Things, because you have one too, right? mine is overflowing with things like random clips, postcards, leftover pieces (i.e. negatives) of chipboard, tags collected from clothing, loose buttons, old tins from candies or giftcards, the acrylic blocks that i never use (i have my three go-to sizes, so these are the oddballs), general stuff i see lying around that i think i might put to good crafty use, and a couple of THESE (from the dollar store):

and made something i probably should have done a long time ago!
here's my book/journal of "US-isms"....
the front

the back

the plan is to document those weird little moments and things we say to one another, especially those that come from way out in left field. for example, i have no clue what it was that led us to add the letter T onto the end of a word that ends with S.
"us" translates to "usst"
"this" translates to "thisst"
"yes" translates to "yesst"
and you get the picture. and i don't imagine there's another person in the world whose pet name for their spouse is "Flippity Chee" (or "Chippity Flee", depending on my mood)

it's no secret that i have a tendency to invent my own words, and speak my own language. :) this book will HOPEFULLY help me to remember the ones that start with the hubbin and me.

wanna do something with BROWN, ORANGE and TEAL?
wanna win this?

CLICK HERE to play with the Dollies! as always, submissions must be created new for the Dollies, you must link back to us in your blog post, and you must do this by next SUNDAY, April 25 at midnight EST.

and just so you're forewarned, my post tomorrow is going to be GINORMOUS. :)


  1. I am giggling myself stupid here. Somehow I think we may have been separated at birth, coz I certainly speak my own language too and have weird namesst for my spouse...

    Love how the cover of that book turned out

  2. this is just too fabulous!!! Love the images you have used, and the gorgeous ornage scallops!! Love it!! Hugs Juls

  3. Cute post, babe! The weird names we come up with, huh?! Love it!! Cute card!!!

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong BUT I believe you are creating a English to Leah dictionary! LOL!!!!! I LOVE that book! HUGS!

  5. Oh awesome color combo my dear!! So going to play with this one soon!! Awesome!!

    HAHAHAHAA, English to Leah dictionary...thats effing fantabulous!!

  6. ♥♥♥♥♥
    hou much do i LOVE THIS??!?!?
    (hint: i really REALLY loooOOOoooOoove this!!!)
    (like...A LOT!!!)


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