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Friday, April 9, 2010


yeah, sounds a little weird, right? but it's true!

we have a new challenge up at The TownScrapper, and to celebrate Autism Awareness Month, it's PUZZLE-THEMED. anything puzzly will work, as long as it's fairly obvious that it's puzzly. meaning, we aren't looking at your projects with puzzled looks on our faces. :)

so, here's the deal. for EVERY CARD submitted, including those from the Scrapettes, i am donating a dollar to the Kennedy Krieger Institute. WHO?

here's a little blurb from their website:

An internationally recognized institution, Kennedy Krieger provides research, treatment, education and community programs for more than 14,000 children annually. We believe that early identification, intervention, and treatment of disabilities are key to maximizing potential and preventing major problems throughout a child’s life. We are dedicated to understanding, unlocking, and overcoming the problems and injuries that affect a child’s developing brain and nervous system.

Unlike other institutions that concentrate on one specific area, ours is an interdisciplinary approach that brings together the expertise of a team of professionals from various fields and departments to create treatment plans tailored to the special needs of each child.

Visit Kennedy Krieger Institute's main website to learn more about our research, patient care, education, and community programs.

"The reason we give our time and money is because of what Kennedy Krieger has done for a beautiful little boy named Frankie." —Frank and Gayle Kelly

it's a fantastic organization, and i'm happy to help them out this way. so with 15 design team cards, i'm at $15. but NO! FOUR of my Scrapette Sisters are MATCHING what i donate! so we're at $75. and for each project submitted to the challenge, another $5 goes to Kennedy Krieger Institute. you're gonna play along, right? ---EDITED to say that FIVE of my Scrapette sisters are matching my donation, so your projects are worth six bucks each now!

OH, and there's a prize, too. well, TWO, actually. here's my card:

so, those cute kids on the card? they're Lola and Zeke (i flippin' LOVE them), designed by Victoria Case, and they're the prizes! BRAND NEW TO RUBBAH at The TownScrapper! play along and you could win them both! :D not to mention you'll be "giving" five dollars to a fantastic charity.

there's ALSO a new challenge going on at Scrap It Forward - they are doing this in support of AUTISM SPEAKS, and they're looking for people to participate or sponsor team "WE CAN" for their annual walk. CLICK HERE for info on pledging them or being a "virtual walker" for the cause! i'm entering my "we fit" card into their challenge, and i'm so happy to see that their team is doing well - they're about 2/3 of the way to their goal! :)

so whatcha gonna do? help spread the word? make a puzzly themed thing for the challenges? even if you don't participate, please post the links to either or both of these drives so that others will see - maybe they'll be motivated to help, too! :)


  1. OMG that's the cutest card eva!

  2. This is a perfect card! Love your puzzle pieces and how you colored up the cutie pie friends!
    Hey sunshine, I'm also matching your $$ made a listing of it on my blog!
    Kim xXx

  3. This is awesome and I am thrilled that you are doing this! I am going to try REALLY hard to remember to do this challenge!!!

  4. You are awesome Girl And I love it!

  5. Wow! Leah that is just the awesomest idea for Autism Awareness! Do you have to use a Town image to qualify? I have yet to get to visit that site and see what they are all about! You are so sweet!! BIG hugs!!

  6. Leah...this card is awesome!! I love this colour combo...fantastic!! Lola and Zeke are a lot of fun, and you've showcased them beautifully on this card!

  7. Absolutely wonderful card, Leah!!! I love the soft colours and your creative take on the puzzle theme!

  8. oooooooooooooohhhhh now that card is wicked and I love those two...

    Fantastic idea for a donation. I will try to play along :)

  9. This card is unbelievably cute!@ This is a great cause I might have to try to fit this in to do too.

  10. Woohoo Leah Extraordinaire! Smashin' card and lovin' how you've combined the 2 images of cuteness together - total perfection girlie!! Hugs and have a great weekend, Maria

  11. Hi Leah, you totally rock with generosity!! Autism touches my life every single day

    mwah xx

  12. how fab!! and such a great cause!!! Love the colours and images you have used, the jigsaw pieces and the lettering are my fav feature!! very creative! Love it!! hugs Juls

  13. Leah, this card totally ROCKS! You're sooo clever to pair these to back to back, Love it and love what you're doing to raise money! You're awesome!!!

  14. You are such a great person Leah! Love the card - the images and the puzzle piece is perfect!!

  15. what a ♥BRILLIANT♥ puzzley card...and for an unbelievably fabulous cause! this thing kinda HAS IT ALL, doesn't it??!! (WOW!) ♥♥♥


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