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Thursday, July 14, 2011

we challenge YOU to pick an Odd Girl....

pick an Odd Girl.....

and LIFT her project!

nice and easy for this round, right? scroll through the Some Odd Girl challenge blog all you like until you find a project that really grabs you, and lift it! that's our challenge, and you have two weeks to play!

i seriously love ALL of our Odd Girls and their projects, but as i scrolled through the posts, this one just leapt out at me, and i HAD to lift it! (you'll see why...) :D

here's my card, using the awesome new clear stamp, Photo Kaylee!

this is ALSO my very first time playing with COPICS! i was hangin' out Chez Adina not too long ago (but seriously, too long ago!) and she insisted i play, so i went for the skintones... here's a close-up of my handiwork (with which i'm mostly pleased, but Copics are NOT what i expected at all!):

and here's the gorgeous card i lifted, from Sarah's wonderful SNEAK:

i loved the layers and the buttons and the little criss-crossing ribbons, and she always seems to have so much fun mixing her papers. have you noticed that outlining with her Sharpies seems to be Sarah's trademark when she makes cards? she does that when she's scrapbookin', too! love it.

you NEEEEEED to drop by and check out the rest of the lifts from our Odd Girls, by CLICKING HERE. you'll get all the deets on the challenge, you'll see more examples of our new Clear Stamps in action (and you'll probably be adding them to your wish list!), and you'll TOTALLY be inspired to GET YOUR CRAFT ON!

two weeks, folks. have fun with it, get a second entry if you use an image from Some Odd Girl (although it's not necessary), and STAY ODD! :)


  1. Your card is really cute! So...if Copics aren't what you expected I'm curious to know what you were expecting and how they are different. I haven't used them yet.

  2. Your first Copic run turned out perfectly! Love how you incorporated so many ideas in your lift! Your card and the original are both great!

  3. Fabulous card hun!! great blog too!!

  4. oooh NICE work with the Copics - have you converted?? Love the card, all the fab colours and the wicked pen-work AND you loaded it with twine and gems... what's not to love??


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