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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

another beautiful Nouveau Girl to share

good morning, crafty friends...

it's a difficult time for me at the Chateau l'Orange, as we await news from the emergency veterinary clinic about my poor Miss Ophelia. we had a very late night, and unfortunately we had to leave her in Levittown while they continue to run tests. it's serious - i won't go into detail because it's far too saddening and i am about to start my day (at work, trying to keep busy and waiting for the phone call), but if anybody has any positive energy to share, or prayers, or meditations, or anything, i'd be very grateful. i'm sure i'll have news one way or another, within a day or two. i might not be in a very good place, but at least i'll know where things stand.

i do, however, want to welcome you back for another peek at the Nouveau Girls - this one's a beauty (but aren't they all?), and i had fun colouring her up and finding some elegant paper to do her justice. meet Grow:

still working on pleats and how to give them proper accents, but i think it's coming along (ideally, i should watch a video or twenty to see other people's amazing techniques). isn't she a pretty one?

you can buy the three Nouveau Girls sets at right NOW with a dollar off each, and you can hop with us HERE for a chance to win all three sets (be sure to follow all the stops and comment on each one by TONIGHT at midnight EST).

here's what the Grow set looks like:

i didn't use the clouds on this one, but they're making special appearances EVERYWHERE on my cards, so watch for 'em.

i'll be back with some WINNERS from my birthday post at The Odd Girl, but please bear with me - i promise i won't forget. xo


  1. Gorgeous card! Sorry to hear about your pet, hope all goes well.

  2. OH, Leah! I really hope they are able to help her!!!! Your card is absolutely beautiful.

  3. ooo i love your color combos and your choice of color for the hair! very nice!!

  4. I am hopping along, nothing like leaving things until the last minute! I love your card, love the bright zingy papers you have used!

  5. Leah -- love the bright colors! Great job!!

  6. So sorry to hear that your furbaby is feeling poorly Leah, big hugs and positive vibes for all of you!
    Positively gorgeous card featuring Grow, I think you did a fab job colorign up all her pleats! :)

  7. Big huge hugs for you Leah and your furbaby. I pray she is ok and all goes well with her. xoxo

  8. Gorgeous!!! Thoughts for you and your furbaby!

  9. Aw, Leah. Sorry to hear about Miss O. I'll be thinking about both of you.

    Lovely card. I think the pleats (and the colouring in general) looks amazing.

  10. Oh no :( Sending positive wishes to you and the devine Miss O xx

    Your card brought a smile to my day today, those delicious colours (LOVE the green with teal) and your amazing coluring.

  11. oh hunni im sending my love wish i lived closer to be with you!! xxxx


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