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Thursday, April 12, 2012

welcome the new digi KAYLEEES to Some Odd Girl!

it's no secret that KAYLEE is my absolute fave girl when it comes to SOGgies. she's spunky, confident, and i totally relate to her fun, carefree spirit. so when i saw the new digis, i nearly wept with joy. :) we have one that's kind of a remake - she's very modernized from her old version, but both are super cute!

here's Tweet Kaylee all new and improved and stuff:

and here's Tweetie:

i kind of think of this as Kaylee's CHIBI version of herself! cute, huh? i love 'em both equally, just so you know. :)

anyway, that brings me to the SECOND Kaylee from this new release. there's kind of an earlier version of this one, too, but i don't think the concept was intended to be quite the same.

here's Lazy Day Kaylee
(who's hanging out with the bird from the Gwen in Bloom clear stamp set)

(with this card, i'm playing along at PaperPlay Challenges - they're after "Things with Wings")

and here's Lounging Kaylee (twin sister?):

see what i mean? i love these girls! and Kaylee rocks my knee-socks, in a big way!

CLICK HERE to see all the loveliness the Odd Girls have created for this week's release - some seriously STUNNING prodgies and you WILL be inspired, i swear! :)


  1. Lovely! I especially like the last one.

  2. New Jersey! Naff, I think my furniture is going to the wrong address! Maybe I could just camp at yours? I'd be very good, you'd hardly know I was there. Just chuck the odd bit of choklit at me as you walk past...!
    I adore your colouring and the lush pinkness. Yummy. xx

  3. These are all fabulous but I love the soft color pallet of your card today! And of course, pink rocks! :D It's so fun you paired her with the bird too - such a great scene! *Hugs

  4. Your cards are so fabulous my friend! I am gaga over how you have colored Lazy Kaylee.. little slacker, but she's oh so stunning on your card!!!

  5. Gorgeous cards Leah! I love the soft colours you have used for Lazy Day Kaylee! So pretty!



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