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Monday, April 22, 2013

I've got Issues... PAPER ISSUES!



and a HOO!


i'm a Paper Issues girl!  :)  check me out!

i am VERY pleased to announce that i am one of the uber lucky chickens who get to spend the next 6 months chillin' with my Issues.  and we all know i have 'em!  :)  check out the big shout-out on the Paper Issues blog to see the whole team, and prepare yourselves for a FANTABULATIOUS term with these talented crafty folks!  i am still pinching myself!  but it's true!  SEE?!  i even have my own code to share!

yep, this means anytime you place an order through the Paper Issues Etsy store, you can use the code ORANGE to receive 20% off your order (and the divine Cassie will know i sent you - and that she made a good choice in making me a Paper Issues creative team member!).

and since a new Issue kicked off yesterday, you should CLICK HERE to check out the theme - Serendipity - do the hop, link a project, be inspired!  this one runs through May 4th, so you have plenty of time to contemplate all things related to Chance, Fate, Luck, Destiny, Karma, Coincidence...  if you play along (and check out the post for the rules), you could win one of 5 Serendipity prize packages from Elle's Studio!  (i know, RIGHT?!)

so there you have it.  that's the first installment of many bits of happy news i hope to be sharing over the next week or so.  now, i think i'll go swimming through the Paper Issues shop to see the new yummies in stock.

you might wanna grab one of THESE:
(hurry, there's only one left!)

or maybe one of THESE:
(available for PRE-ORDER - shipping May 1st):

i know, i know.  you're WELCOME.  :)
have a great Monday, chickens!


  1. woohooo a huge congrats to you leah!! well deserved :)

  2. That's awesome and they are super smart to add your talent to their team! Congrats!

  3. Congratulations! And looking forward to working with you :)

  4. Congrats! So excited to be on the team with you :)

  5. Congrats! I am looking forward to working with you! :)

  6. Congrats Leah!! So happy to be on this team with you!


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