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Thursday, July 22, 2010

WHOA, check out all the new YUM from Maya Road!

GO HERE and see all the sneaks on their blog! lemme tell ya, these guys are doin' it up right in my book. the trims are gorgeous, they have awesome new alterable canvas flowers, canvas AND velvet pleated trim (MMMMM!), they've mini-sized the large organza flower trims, they've introduced a super funky new binder (with pages and chipboard of the same shape!) and i think i'm in love, folks!

well done, Maya Road! you get my two thumbs up! (go see for yourself, and bring a paper towel or a mop to take care of all the drool!)

back soon with a crafty project - i'm just about to take photos!


  1. Ohhhhh snap - love these a lot, a lot,,, off to check their blog, thanks for the direction :-)

  2. Wowza...those trims are fantastic!

  3. I know right? My fav was the Kraft Doilies!!!!


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