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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jingle - all the way, man!

do you know THIS GIRL?
if you don't, and you like quirky and fun and creative and innovative, you should pay her a visit. chick's name is Jingle, she's awesome, she's gonna be our Guest Dollie in September, and she's just turned two! :)

yeah, you are curious, arncha? well go CHECK OUT THE POST and wish her a happy birthblog! you might just win something funky - 'cuz WHOA, when you look up funky in the dictionary, you'll find her pic right there! tell her Leah said hi.


  1. You rock, you know that, right? I'm just say'n! Thanks, chica!

  2. Oh no, I thought I was October guest DT I better get that straightened out.
    Off to check out Jingle!!!


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