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Friday, August 6, 2010

okay, so how's about you vote for MY piccie now? :)

i couldn't resist. hubbin created the first account and submitted Miss O's picture for the Jones Soda labels, so i went digging through some of my old faves and found this one:

think i might be able to convince you to vote AGAIN, this time a 10 for lil' ol' me? :)

CLICK HERE to see what it will look like as a label, and to cast your vote!

the Miss Ophelia picture has been voted a staff pick, which is SUPER exciting! this means that the photo will be sent to the judges for a determination, and if they like it, then she'll be on a label! :) thank you SO MUCH to those who have voted! if you haven't voted, but WANT TO, for my lovely kitty-cat (who's such a sweet little thing and would love to be famous!), please do!

i do think this could become a new hobby/obsession. :D

OH, and i got my Prismacolors today, and the interview went well. hoping i'll get a call by the end of next week for a second interview, otherwise the hunt goes on...


  1. love it! great photo...
    going to check out the voting now...
    have a good weekend!

  2. Voted :):):):):):) Hope you get the call! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Oh, now you have me wanting to submit one! LOL! I hope you get yours on there!

  4. Good luck, to vote.


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