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Monday, August 16, 2010

more stuff to share... noo nee noo....

so, life can be full of ups and downs, ya know? there's so much going on with me right now, some bad, and a bunch of good. let me start by saying that i got the call back and i go in Friday morning to meet with the trainer for this fabby job! i was SO excited when the woman called and she seemed just as excited that i was so interested! i'm HOPING that this final step is when they'll be scheduling my training and making me an offer and setting up my drug test... it will be the PERFECT ending to a chaotic week! thank you ALL for the well-wishes - it's nice to know you're all rooting for me from your faraway sidelines! ;D

hubbin and i played at the open mic last night - at the venue where our big gig is tomorrow night. it went WONDERFULLY, and i think the show's going to be a LOT of fun! we're taking somewhat of a hiatus to work on writing and recording new music, and expanding our list of cover songs, so hopefully we'll go out with a bang!

Miss O had bloodwork done yesterday, which came back negative; her vitals all seem to be working properly, so we'll be going ahead with an echocardiogram at the end of the month. the cardiologist will be checking her heart and lungs to see if any other masses or concerns pop up, and if he thinks she can handle another surgery (she had a cyst and mammary gland removed and was spayed last september), then we'll take her in about a week later. my poor Miss. she's such a sweet little old lady, and i hate to put her through this. i have already decided against any kind of chemo or radiation, should the biopsy come back malignant. i just don't want to put her through something like that, especially when she seems fine otherwise. just remove the cysts, thank you. the vet did tell me that most pet owners wouldn't have detected the two tiny ones i found - i take that to mean that i know my little girl and i'm a good mom for paying attention to the important stuff.

i've been labouring over a BIG project and will tell you more about it VERY soon! playing with some new ideas, new techniques, and new products, and i'm falling more and more in love with paper crafting in all its many aspects. this thing i'm working on now is going to be fun AND functional - i just hope i can find the parts i need to wrap it up so i can assemble and call it a day!

and The Son had his first driving lesson this morning. i snapped a bunch of pics like a good (scrappy) mom, and then, miraculously, i went back to sleep. :) yes, i was a nervous wreck, but the fatigue triumphed!

okay, so a card ('cuz i'm still working on these commissioned cards for next wednesday, and i DID manage to squeeeeeze in a couple!)...

i was going through my stamped images and realized i haven't used my Bellas in a while, so i thought this one MIGHT work for an encouragement card... then i wondered if it was too juvenile or cutesy, and if the girl is looking for something more elegant. well i sent her the pic and she said she LOVED it, so i will be making some similar cards this week! YAY!

this one's for the 2nd 7 Kids College Fund challenge - no more than two designer papers (i only used 1)

right. hope to grab some things for my big project tomorrow, then our big show, and i'll be back soon with more fun stuff, if all goes smoothly!


  1. What a fun card! I love the sentiment! And colors! :)

    Your life seems to be quite exciting at the moment! ;)

  2. Love the fun use of bling on this card, too cute!!

  3. love the card..... look forward to hearing more about this 'project' you speak of!!!

  4. It sounds like life is crazy, but lots of good stuff going, so that is happy! I love your card! It is super cute! I hope your job stuff all falls into place the way you hope!

  5. Fabulous card Leah!!!!
    You are one busy gal!!!

  6. Wait a minute - you SING?!!!!
    Why did I not know that!?

    congrats on everything GOOD....I hope your days continue to be sunny!

    Gorgeous card, by the way. :)

  7. sooooooooooooo fabulous!!! Love the image and the gorgeous felt letters!!! hugs juls

  8. LOVE the card dollie! And so glad Ms. O's tests came back with a good report! Many hugs...

  9. Super cute card! Thanks for playing the CQC!

  10. OMG.. leah that is so cute!!!!!! Miss ya' girl.. come out and play...

    -- dalis
    Pile It On! Owner.


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