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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i need a vacation!

SO so busy, and so very stressed at the moment! there's so much going on with my life (work stuff really good, and other stuff just very exhausting)

i just want to say thank you to those who played along with our Some Odd Girl Hol-Odd-Day blog hop! i'll be announcing a winner tomorrow when i get home from work, PLUS i'll be sharing the brand new challenges from Some Odd Girl and Charisma! i worked late today, got stuck in nasty traffic due to a HUGE accident, had a late appointment (for which i was also late), waited around at BK to pick The Son up after work, only to find out (after waiting a half hour) that he'd already gone home an hour earlier. then i found out that my fabric glue is NOT holding my banner together for this weekend's craft fair, so i have been hand-stitching and i'm STILL not finished. but it's bedtime, as 5:30 am rolls around far too quickly.

so do visit the blogs and check out the Some Odd Girl and Charisma challenges! i'll post my Hop winner and my DT projects tomorrow when i get home, and thank you ALL for your patience!


  1. poor you!!!......hopes you get a bit of breathing space soon! thinking of you and sending hugs! Juls

  2. You do need a break!!!! Big hugs!!!!

  3. {hugs} Sorry I haven't been visiting your bloggie much lately :( Hope you get a break really soon xxx


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