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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SEI guest blogging with BOXES, and a lovely giveaway!

woot! today marked day two of my guest bloggy appearance at the SEI Lifestyle blog! yes, it's technically WEDNESDAY, which would be day three, but it's been a nutty day and i'm JUST getting around to updating now... (that just means you have something to check out in the morning when you're blog surfing over your morning coffee!)

click here for day two's shenanigans... YES, i showed you these boxes last week (our current Charisma Cardz challenge is GIFTIES, so i opted for packaging!), but if you want the deets on the supplies i used, it's all over at SEI Lifestyle. :)

yes, i want you to go over and visit. yes, i want you to leave a comment there, letting me know you dropped by to say hello and show me some love. but did you know that i'm also giving away some SEI goodies from the brand-spankin'-new With All My Heart line? 'tis true!

here are the boxes i made, all using the wonderful Kris Kringle line (which i'm stocking up on for next year, because i know it will be hard to get when i want it in october!):

(the ribbon on this one is from an older mystery line from SEI)

i am ALL about making boxes now, so i'm on the hunt for more cute and simple tutes. if you know any, please leave a comment here with the link and i'll certainly check it out!

thanks for joining me, and remember the giveaway! leave comments over at SEI all week (beginning last Friday) and you could be my winnah!



    I came across this link somewhere in my travels OVER 100 different types listed of different things also you can do what I do Rip apart boxes you have at home instant templates
    Your boxes are really sweet
    hugs Nikki C

  2. Your boxes are GORGEOUS! I LOVE the Kris Kringle line!

  3. These are so cute! I really love them!!!

  4. I saw your projects at the SEI blog and hopped over here from there. Your projects are all so beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing tomorrow's post :)

  5. I am sooooo loving your posts on SEI blog! You are doing such a fab job. Love those boxes!!!

  6. Could you share the template you used to create the box? THanks!!!!

  7. so them all...the first one is just adorable!!! Loving the polka dots and the bird is just gorgeous! Hugs Juls


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