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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Craft Jam rundown

SO much fun today, and while not terribly busy, i still made a profit, made some new friends, got some colouring done, won a print in the raffle, and made CONNECTIONS! first, a woman asked me if i'd be interested in wholesale - she's opening a book and tea shop in Smithville, NJ (about 20-25 minutes from me - they have the CUTEST little shops and a FABULOUS craft fair for Oktoberfest), and says she wants to carry cards but doesn't want cookie cutter stuff. nothing mass-produced, no corporate crizzap. woot! and one of the awesome girls at the neighbouring booth is planning her wedding, and she inquired about custom invitations, so i directed her to my blog to see if she finds anything in her style... i can definitely change things up if need be, so hopefully she finds some ideas that will work for her destination weddin'. :D (HI JESSICA!)

sooooo, i'm going to email the first woman and see what she has in mind, and i hope we can start up a fantastic new partnership! :) and i do plan to stay in touch with the "girls next door", whether by staying in the loop about future craft fairs or planning to attend events together (and sharing a table, if need be). fantastical! :)

there was no roller derby, but the Brawlers were in rare form, skating all around, bringing us brownies, entertaining to no end (imagine a bunch of rollergirls doing the macarena... or the CHICKEN DANCE!), and making all the vendors feel very welcome.

now i'm absolutely plum-tuckered, because i only slept for 3 hours, but it was definitely worth it! if you'll excuse me, i have a small assignment due for my class, and some sleep to catch up on. hope you all had a great weekend! (p.s. - sorry for the photo-less post!)


  1. oooooooooooooh wow!!!! this all sounds so exciting!!! Hugs Juls

  2. That sounds so awesome, congrats!
    Would be so cool to have ones cards for sale in a cute shop, and it's always nice to hear some encouragement~ =3
    Hope you'll hear from both of them soon!

  3. That is WAY cool - hope the new connections come together. Fame and fortune just around the corner ;)


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