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Saturday, March 19, 2011

hi Diana, and news!

first of all, does anyone have a silhouette stamp of an old fashioned horse and carriage? or a cartridge for the cricut or slice or sil or whatever that will make one? i need to make 100 invitations for my dad's girlfriend's parents' 50th wedding anniversary and i am in desperate need of some assistance!

okay gang... it's been a WHIRLWIND of a week for me, so i apologize for the lack of real posting (with crafty stuff to show, and what have you), but i wanted to show you all who i met last month (and it just dawned on me that i hadn't posted HERE, but i did post on my Facebook page!)...

hellooooo, DIANA THE FISH! :)

she was LOVELY! we had a nice little lunch (albeit far too short) and now i know where i can swing by for a quick stop on the way to or back from Canada! :D

this morning i got my hairs did, partly because i needed it, and partly because i'm celebrating my promotion this weekend! i started the true search for my netbook but am yet to decide what i'm after, and this afternoon i am going to catch up on some coursework and watch a movie that my lovely hubbin rented for me. i MAY try to sneak out for a wee bit to grab myself some more adhesive (my runner is out, and they were SOLD OUT when i popped in the other day to restock), and shoes. no, not at the same store. after that, since i'll have the house to myself tonight, i DO plan on doing a bit of craftin' and preparing for the Craft Fair next saturday at the Roller Derby. :) can't wait!

The Son is feeling better - thank you all for your well wishes! he actually set foot OUTSIDE THE HOUSE yesterday for the first time in two weeks - poor kid had a nasty case of cabin fever! now he's strolling around town with a couple of friends - it's a beautiful day out and the fresh air will do him a world of good.

and that's about it for me... i hope you're all doing swimmingly, and that you're all getting a nice healthy dose of SPRING this weekend! it's wonderful to have the windows open and some fresh air circulating in here. ciao, bellas!


  1. sounds like a cool friend :)
    I am glad your son is feelin better!

  2. Super cute photo of the two of you!

  3. Gorgeous photo xx

    Have you thought of seeking out a photoshop brush or vector image online? I saw this cute one on The Graphics Fairy: (no horse unfortunately) but a bit of googling might pay off?


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