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Thursday, September 15, 2011

oh, SOGgy Gwen, how i love thee! check out this sneak!

right. so it's time for our FOURTH fabby sneak at Some Odd Girl, and if you liked what i showed you yesterday, you're going to LURRRRRVE this one! we Odd Girls are showcasing the next new clear stamp set, featuring our brand new member of the Some Odd Girl family, GWEN! she's a new friend for Kaylee and Mae (and we wonder if that hunky stud Kody will take a liking to her...), and she has those fabby curly locks (which i totally envy!).

here is Gifty Gwen, with some more yummy BasicGrey Eskimo Kisses goodness:

a closer look:

i honestly giggled when i figured out what i wanted to do with the sentiment for this card. at first, i was going with "a gift for you" or something to that effect. but when the wheels started turning, i changed it to "i got you something". but THEN, it all came together and i decided on "i have something for you" - because if *I* was giving this card to someone special, i'd probably finish off the inside by saying "come and unwrap me!". hee hee. i know, i know, our Gwen looks all innocent and maybe a bit shy, but i imagined her with a bit of a come-hither attitude and i had to go with it! :)

anywho! now that you know how my leedle mind works, why don't you see for yourself how AWESOME this set is?!

there's nothing really HOLIDAY about this except the one sentiment, so you can dress this little miss up for ANY occasion! CLICK HERE to see what the rest of the Odd Girls have done with Gifty Gwen, and let us know what you think! we're all anxious to see how popular our new friend is going to be.

OH, and until tomorrow, you can PRE-ORDER any of this week's sneaks (which will be released on Monday at for a dollar off! grab 'em now by CLICKING HERE (and you'll see what all of the new stamps look like coloured up).

back tomorrow with more goodies to share - it's ALMOST Friday! hope everyone's having a wonderful week! :)


  1. Leah, you really make Gwen shine here! Love colors and the way you did her lipstick. So pretty!

  2. OH my gosh! I love this stamp so much that I already pre-ordered it! LOL and you are part of the reason (enabler)- your card is so yummy! Her dress looks like velvet! I LOVE this look - vintage yet modern - is that possible? Either way beautiful!

  3. Such a pretty card and your added detail is amazing, I love how you have done the wording :) Donna ♥ x

  4. This card is so sweet! I love it!

  5. This is awesome!!! Love love love!!!


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