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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CANDY WINNER! and some new Dollies deets...

first of all, it's really crummy and rainy here in New Jersey, and i'm rather tired of this season. seems to be all we get lately. NOT good for the poor noggin, especially if you're a migraine sufferer like yours truly. and arthritis, to boot! (thanks, Dad)

so i missed the boat yesterday with my blogging "duties", and didn't post here for the new Elements Challenge at Design Dollies, nor did i post the winner of my blog candy! TSK, TSK, Leah! slacking!

well, my apologies, folks. sometimes my migraines kick my butt so hard, i can't stand to keep my eyes open or my head up, and the nausea is unbearable. (enough whining already, right?) i'm making up for it today though, and showing you the goods!

the first order of bidnizz.... would SAM kindly email me her mailing address so i can send some goodies off?! SAM is my blog candy winner, as chosen by my dear friend, i can't for the life of me figure out how to paste the code here so you can see the results, but i promise you it wasn't because she liked my blue hair. ;) Sam, i need your deets! please email 'em to thanks, sugah, and congratulations! :)

next... the new Elements Challenge is up at Design Dollies, and it's SO appropriate for a week like this one.

Adina-Dollie drums up these great little Elements Challenges for us, and this week, as she was supposed to be taking her hubbin on a cruise, she wanted us to show WATER in our projects. at least THREE things representing water must be present... i gots me the waves, the bubbles, the blue, the boat, the stickly blingy goodness, and while i don't think this fat cat's drinkin' water, it's still liquid, right? :)

this was also my first time tinkering with Coredinations card stock, and i just LURRRRVE the stuff! the kitty, by the way, is normally sitting in a big ol' bathtub, but he was sitting PERFECTLY for me to cut him out and put him on the mighty seas, instead! it also took a lot of willpower to REFRAIN from busying up the card with a patterned paper behind the scene, although i could have used the new K & Co. Citronella cloudy paper i picked up - that would have worked, without being crazy. :)


my wish list keeps growing, and it's getting out of hand! Tricia, one of my fellow Humble Pie Bakers, has posted this AWESOME tutorial on using Peerless Watercolour Sheets. her stuff is SO pretty, and i love the way her images look watercoloured. so now, i needs me some Peerless! i normally just use watercolour pencils (though i'm unhappy with my CTMH pencils and NEED to replace my Stampin' Up! tin, as i gave it to a friend!), and i like the look, but the vibrance of Tricia's stuff is just out of this world! stop by and take a look at her tutorial, and i'm sure you'll be impressed, too!

don't forget, there's still time to have your altered items linked for the current Humble Pie Challenge, and you could win this:

that's the stamp i used on this card:

isn't this stamp just fabulous? she's a Humble Pie exclusive, from artist Sophia Landry. you can buy it at the Town Scrapper, or you could win by playing along! our new challenge will kick off friday morning, so you'll have to comment by tomorrow at midnight!

i'll be back tomorrow with a new Design Dollies sketch challenge! :)


  1. Wow hun I am totally stoked I'm over the moon. Thank you thank you thank you sooooooooooo much.
    Sam x

  2. congrats! You won one of the prices from Challenge #22 at Pile It On!

    -- dalis

  3. gorgeous!! Love your swirly embossed sea!!! fab idea!

  4. Leah, how cool is that? I passed up the challenge because I kept thinking - water? How do I....? You know me, my brain refuses to think too hard on stuff but look at you! Who knew those swirls could work as waves..I'll try it out now. Lovely girl, you're so darn talented!! :D

  5. Love your imagination, girl.. You're so quirky! I love it! :o)

    Sorry to hear about your poor old noggin, hun. Migraines are horrid. I don't get many, thank God, but my sister does, and she's out of action for days sometimes. Get better soon, sweets.

    Chris xx

  6. oof i am seriously impressed with BOTH of these, but i love♥LOVE♥loooooove the ocean-goinb bathtub particularly! i actually HAVE that swirly embossing folder, but it never occurred to me to use it THAT WAY...of course now it's the FIRST thing i'm doing when i get home to my friends THE PAPER and start playin'!!! (LOVE THIS!) ♥


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