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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


like a bunny!
HERE to enter for the candy that Sweet 'N' Crafty is giving away - it's BIG! :) (ends New Year's Eve!)

ALSO, visit my sidebar - my lovely friend Diana is looking for a few good men (aka followers) so she can give away some of her hot forthcoming Etsy kits. she rocks, her art is wonderful, and you should be a follower. if not for those reasons, than because *I* said so! :D

and PartiCraft is planning to give out some yummies when they hit 200 followers, so do drop by there too, and tell 'em That Orange Girl sent ya! :D

i will surely be back with more to share at some point today... yesterday was my sweet hubbin's birthday, and we played a gig, and had a ton of fun. i baked a chocolate cake and made vanilla mint icing, then chopped up a bunch of mint gourmet M&Ms and spelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN, and sprinkled the rest all over... it was, well, to die for. it was also my breakfast this morning. :D

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