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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

in Orange news...

this week's ELEMENTS CHALLENGE is posted at Design Dollies!

that's the first bit of news.

the second is this:

it's still kinda crafty, right? i did this to my locks on friday before our gig, then drove all the way out to the venue to meet up with the hubbin and the other two guys who were performing with us that night, only to find out that there was another band added to the lineup, and we wouldn't be playing until about 10:30. unfortunately, i couldn't stay to play with them, but i had fun getting prettied up anyway. :)

now then.

the distressing challenge closed on monday at midnight, so yesterday we brought you the new ELEMENTS CHALLENGE, which is to use LOTSA FLOWERS. like, 7 to 10 or more. i loaded 'em up and had a play with a new stamp that my fabulous Holmes/Kristy-Dollie sent me for absolutely no reason other than the fact that she's uber-nifty!

i used some scraps of cardboard, plus some window thingy the hubbin pulled out of an envelope (the grid semi-translucent backing paper)... paint, wire, shimmering mists from Luminarte, etc. and a whack of flowers.

(seriously, how stinkin' GREAT is this stamp?!)

ah, the fun of craft wire! i was looking for something to give this card just a little bit more oomph - do you think this was a good solution?

this challenge will be open until next MONDAY at MIDNIGHT, EST. watch out for those deadlines, folks! :)

here's a little thingy i made last night, because i was DYING to try this technique i read in Scraptastic! - a book my hubbin borrowed for me from the liberry.



'cuz i HATE the way votive holders look once the flame's scorched the glass, don't you?

right. so i wanna make some stuff. and i DON'T wanna deal with a very annoying UTI, but i hafta. it's a good thing we have no plans tonight, because i'm afraid i'd be pretty useless, what with the "we need to pull over, NOW" thing. so i guess i'm stuck watching movies and/or craftin'!

OH, one other thing... i'm looking to get my hands on a set of Stampin' Up! watercolor pencils. i have a set from CTMH that i don't particularly LIKE. anyone looking to trade, or do you know of an SU! demonstrator/consultant who can hook me up? i don't want to just buy through the rep in my area - i'd rather look for someone who's reputable in this here little circle of friends. :)


  1. cute hair! Sorry you didn't get to play in the gig

  2. firstly.... Your hair is fab!!

    Agree the stamp is amazing! Love what you have done with it, and all the gorgeous textures you have one one card! stunning!!!

  3. Leah, I have to tell you, this is an amazing card. When I first laid eyes on it - I was like, ooh, I like that one and then saw it was yours; I'm like D*** Leah, you RULE!! I love the elements; you really have some hot flowers and the design is just oozing with perfection! I'm loving it!!

  4. Holy F Trixie! You are the craftin QUEEN!!!!!! I say that stamp and totally thought of you! You are awesome girlie!!! Love the hair!!!! Its so YOU!

  5. Oh my dollie, you have it going on! First, so loving that do!!!! Sorry you didn't get to stay for the gig...:(
    Your card is awesome! I so adore that stamp and you brought it on with all those yummy flowers. Love it! Your altered votive is darling!
    Kim xXx

  6. haha... I was looking at this post and my son was looking over my shoulder (he's 3) and saw your blue hair and!!! mommy can I have my hair like was soooo funny the way he said it. Just had to share, blue is his fav color.:)

  7. OMG I love that stamp...reminds me of all the Anne Taintor stuff I love so much!

  8. Thanks for your note on my blog. I love your hair!! You are so brave. (this is not meant weird I totally mean it) I love it!! I've always wanted to do something different and out of the box and always seemed to stick with the norm. Of course now I'm getting to the point I'm going to have to go into the workforce and work for "the man" so I don't have much of a choice. lol.

    I'll live vicariously through you. Rock on!
    I really like your blog. I'm adding it to my bloglines.

  9. Love THIS bloooo hair, too! And the embossed flower on that card is cool. As is the rest of the card. (Of course.)

    Chris xx


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