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Saturday, November 7, 2009


i won't be around all day saturday, so i'm going to post my blop candy winner and let you know that AMANDA B is our grand prize winner for the Humble Pie "BLOP"! congrats, Amanda! can't wait to see your Humble Pie recipes! :D

but for those of you who stopped by during the BLOP and left comments for all of the Bakers, you may have noticed that some of us were also giving away our own candy... and MY number was 6, which belongs to the lovely and horribly sweet TERRY OULBOUB! woo hoo! i hope you have fun with this stuff, Terry! could you kindly email me at, and provide your snail mail addy so i can send you some goodies? :) go Terry, go Terry! can i get a "WOOT WOOT"?

now then, i simply MUST get to bed, because i will have to get up early to pack my stuff in the car for a whole day of crafting with the Adina-Dollie, and i can't wait! it's a long drive, but so worth it! nothin' better than gettin' crafty with a wonderful friend. :) and drinking blueberry pomegranate wine. hee hee.

enjoy your weekend, everybody! i'll be back on sunday with lots of photos, if i can keep this mojo going all day tomorrow! ciao!

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  1. Dear Leah, I am so glad you stopped by my blog and left a note. I enjoyed the blop hop so much that I forgot people had goodies! I'm always looking at what someone made versus what sweets they have - always looking for the next inspiration! But WOW! THANK YOU Leah! Even on the way to this post, I had to look at ALL of your stuff! *sigh* It just makes me go, wow, I wish I can do that! Thank god you posted it so I can always come back and try to recreate something you made in my own style! :)


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