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Friday, March 26, 2010

5 days of candy?! holy crikey!

seriously -who does that?! (i know you did, Sketchy Thursdays!)

welp, THIS GIRL is doing it now. and that's pretty awesome!

here's the rundown of her goodies... you have until the end of the weekend to sign up (but i'd prefer it if you didn't go over there, because that would decrease my chances of winning - hey, points for honesty, right?).

day one:

day two:

day three:

day four:

day five:

go play! or, rather, DON'T! but yay, Pam! you rock, and you are too generous for words!
all the fun comes to a close soon, and winners will be drawn MONDAY, March 29th.


  1. You are too funny!!! I know, Heidi and I LOOOVVEEE to give stuff away! :) Thanks for the link... off to visit!

  2. Ha ha -- too bad, Friend -- Just went and checked it out. :)


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