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Friday, March 5, 2010

VICTORIA CASE is comin' to Town!

hi everyone! it's FRIDAY, thank goomie! and we've been counting down for this day, because at The TownScrapper, we finally got to share our BIG SECRET!

obviously you've figured it out by the title of my post, but you can't POSSIBLY imagine how excited we all are about this!

designing a stamp line EXCLUSIVELY for The TownScrapper! WOOT!

go HERE to read all about it, to see our first SIX exclusive Victoria Case images (available NOW!), and to play along with our challenge so you can WIN ONE!

they're so springy and cute and, well, we all LOVED playing with our first batch! (and we've caught a peek at what's on the way, and OMG! ADORABLE!)

the challenge for this week is to THINK SPRING! give us your best project showing us SPRINGTIME, or warmth, or happy springy/summery activities! i, for one, will be THRILLED when the temperatures start to hover above the 50 mark, thankyouverymuch! :D

okay, little tangent there. sorry i can't help but gush about this, folks!
here's my card then, using Sophie with Daffodil:

i just wanna pinch her nose! :D

but you have to check out what the rest of the team did HERE - i can tell you they're all fantastic, but don't take my word for it! go see for yourself! and the winners of last week's Easel Card Challenge and our CONTEST were announced, so go see!

one last thing!
the DOLLIE CALL ends on WEDNESDAY, so get on it! if you wanna play with the Design Dollies, now's your chance! :) any kind of papercrafters are welcome!


  1. Love the cards as always! Your bow is on its way to you!! I hope you like it!

  2. That is a cute stamp! I want to pinch her nose too. What a great card. Glad you got the stamps. Can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm sending you something out tomorrow. It'll explain in the package. :) Talk to you soon.


  3. gorgeous!! Great Image!! Love the swirl and the little pearl detail! Fab card, Love it! Hugs Juls

  4. adorable card, great job!!!

  5. Love your card, Leah! Very girlie-girlish! :)

  6. I love your card and i love the title

  7. Hey there O Orange One, thanks for your visit to my blog and your scrumptious comments xx
    * First, to answer your question - the techniques I showcased were for my DT focus - fussy cutting (which I *LOVE* doing), Dimensional Magic highlights, dry embossing, machine stitching, diecut ideas)... lots of fun stuff.
    * Second, I am in love with the new VC stamps - your card is super cute and I can't wait to try out my new stamp!!
    * Third, and I really umm'd and ahhh'd about this ~ just wanted to let you know I'm not applying for a Dollie spot this time around. April and May will be super busy for me with some new projects in my workplace, and my hubby away for a few weeks, and I'm not sure I could devote the time that the site deserves. I'm still planning on joining in as many challenges as possible, AND come the next round... I'm applying again!! I had the best time as a Guest Dollie :)
    (Sorry if I exceeded my word quota, LOL!!) I'll leave some space for some other visitors, promise.

  8. oh YEAH i hear you re cannot come fast enough for me!!! (yesterday's 58 degrees was a VERY nice start tho...and this whole week is gonna be warm, they say...WAHOOOOOO!!! :)

    so clearly your springy challenge is TOTALLY WORKING for which i thank you! ♥♥♥ lovely card btw--i like how you've done the buttons and also embellished the flourish with pearls--very VERY clever touches there, missus! (those teeeeeeeny skinnnnnnny dark mats rock, as well!)

  9. I can't believe I haven't yet told you how beautiful your card is this week. Slap my wrist! Hugs hun.

  10. These are all fantastic, Leah! Wow, you're one busy gal!
    - Ann


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