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Thursday, March 4, 2010

ha ha ha! what's with my hit counter?

reset, AGAIN! what's the dealio, yo?


  1. Aw I feel for you - it must be so lonely with no one coming over except me!!! Oh well, at least you have one on your counter now! Hee hee. Big hugs

    Ruth & Popcorn (who caught a mouse last night and left it as a pressie on my cream carpet this morning! - I know it was her and not Pickles cos she gnaws their tails and back feet off!!! EW!)

  2. Your so fabulous it can't keep up and started back at one *LOL*

  3. I will visit as much as I can to get it up there again! lol! I haven't gotten my yarn yet, but the second I do I will get to work on your bow!!


  4. Haha... I thought it was only me that had problems. I ended up taking mine off my blog last year sometime because it was always haywire *rolls eyes* I wouldn't have a clue how many visitors I've had. Not stratospheric numbers, but it would still be nice to know.

  5. oof! are you using site meter? they are free and have abunch of styles and interface nicely with least...i've never had a prob but then i never check it much so would i even KNOW??! ...hmmmmmmmm... sorry, dude, it's a bummer but hey it makes ya kinda MysTEriOOuUsssSs: "the girl whose STATS were unknowwwwwwwwwwn"!!! :)


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