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Monday, March 1, 2010

the sun is shining! on me, and in south jersey!


i received this award from my uber-sweet and gorgeous friend, Kim (she's my fellow TownScrapper DT gal and former Cafe' Mojo Maven buddy!), and the beautiful and kind True (for no reason other than the fact that i visit her blog and check in on her from time to time!).

THANK YOU, ladies! *blows kisses* it was very nice to receive such an award! :)

and i don't do this often, but many people have been SO nice to me lately, i'm going to pass this one along... so it's supposed to be for 6 of my friends? good golly, that's difficult!

so this goes out to the following people, who have either done randomly sweet things for me, or just OOZE positivity and loveliness all the time....
Meg at Twisted Tree
Melanie at Milnie Creations
Crystal at Crystal Scraps
Lizzie at Oh Snap!
Ellen at Scrapbookland
Juls, The Glitter Chick

thank you, ladies, for the sunshine you've given me! xo (feel free to pass this award along, or just enjoy it for what it is)


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