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Sunday, January 9, 2011

feeling ENVIOUS?! wanna win? wanna be a NERDY GIRL? want CANDY?

it's a new year, and we Nerdy Girls have worked our magic to inspire you once again...

2011 promises to be a great year for Envious, and January kicks off with a HOT collage, plus an AMAZING prize, sponsored by the fabby Candy Shoppe Designs!

here's our first collage to inspire you...

totally HOT, right?
the "new perspective" theme was quite popular amongst us Nerds, and it was perfect to kick off my 2011. first art journal page of the year (simplistic in design, with a surprising amount of journaling, which is not my usual approach):

annnnnd, there's more! you want the good news or the better news?

okay, the good news - there are already 2 entries for this month! we just need 3 more people to play along, and we will be giving one lucky winner a hot prize from Candy Shoppe Designs! the last couple of months have shown us some FABULOUS entries, but nobody won the prize, as we didn't hit 5 participants. COME AND PLAY WITH US!

oh, and the BETTER news? we are looking for some more NERDY GIRLS! CLICK HERE for the deets - Lynnette is a wonderful headmistress and we have a great team. the collages are always lots of fun, and you can create whatever you'd like - scrappy pages, cards, altered art, journal pages, you name it! it's SO easy!

care to help spread the word? wear our ENVIOUS badge proudly and i'll be on the lookout (just leave me a comment saying you're donning the badge). we're at 145 followers at the time of this post, so for every 25 new followers we get, i'll be giving a little somethin'-somethin' away. not telling what, but i happen to have a nice little stash of Ranger products in a giant bag here. :D i'll wrap this up on the 7th of February, when our next challenge goes live.


  1. WOWZER!!!! I cant begin to tell you how much I love this!! Its just gorgeous!! Love how you have used the colours from the story board! love to see all that journaling...I am always so afraid of my own handwriting....I am starting an art journal, so I am gradually getting over that fear!...Love the mix of lettering though, the pink letter and the large silver sparkly ones, all just work so well together, just such a fabulous and creative piece! Hugs Juls

  2. I'm totally going to have to spend a few hours at that blog tonight...I love what I see...I totally grabbed that badge...thank you! great work by the way!

  3. very cool blog ;) i have one question for you there a blog that you DON'T design for??? wowie you are busy! i admire your focus!

  4. I love this page!!! I was thinking of doing the art journal thingey, and now I am inspired to try it out, so thanks for that! I'm off to check out Envious, as I loooooove the badge!

  5. Hi,
    I didn't realize their was a new challenge up. I'll have to check my pages I'm following, and see why I didn't know about it. Love the art journal. And I have the badge on my page!

  6. Hey gorgeous, I *love* this page!!! Did you see that one one of my New Year resolutions is to start an art journal?? I don't know if I'll be brave enough to share it but you have totally inspired me (again). Love your work xx
    PS - have had the blinkie on my blog for a while and I'm now a follower too :)

  7. Thanks sooo much for your sweet comment on my blog. Cool artjournal page. Wish I had your handwriting then maybe I would do some more art journaling! ;) PS. I´m spreading the word in my snowy part of the world with your blinkie.

  8. I love your journaling LO. Love the grey and sparkle. You did a great job on inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing it! :o)

  9. I'm a new follower of you but not NVS. Love that challenge blog! Lynette rocks, nuff said. I don't know why I haven't followed your blog yet, I see your fab work all over the internet and just love LOVE it :)


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