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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

you wanna "work" for Scrapbook News and Review?


what an awesome gig, seriously. it's a great website, with LOADS to share and learn with fellow members and subscribers. people are insanely helpful and encouraging, and believe me when i say that if you're wondering about a product or technique, or you're on the fence about TRYING something new, there IS somebody on staff who has the answer!

so do you want to be a STAFFER for Scrapbook News and Review? it's an online magazine and full-on community for crafty types, and even for those who lean more toward fine arts than crafts.

CLICK HERE to check out the Staffer Call, which is going on NOW through February 4th. you don't have to be a genius or expert or totally knowledgeable - you just have to be open-minded, pay attention to detail, and be able to meet deadlines. contribute to the areas that interest you (there are MANY, including scrapbooking, stamping, card making, product reviews, articles, mixed media, etc...), and BE PUBLISHED! the exposure alone is fantastic!

my gig there started out after i was invited to be a featured artist, and everyone has been wonderfully welcoming and patient with me. i know that i have a lot to learn as a crafter, and these people are definitely FABULOUS to have in my court! i've loved contributing, and sharing, and learning, and GROWING. there's lots of room for growth - both within the mag, and as an artist!

whatcha waitin' for?
peek around and see what kinds of things you might expect - there are crafters of all skill levels, and everyone is absolutely encouraged to try new things and share what they've learned (even if the project turned out to be a flop!).

get in on the action, and apply to be a STAFFER for SNR! :) i'm there, and so are some of my fave blogger folks. i guarantee you'll know a TON of people in there (some may even surprise you!).

right. now i'm off to bed. but if you're not going to apply for a Staffer position, at least submit your artwork to be considered for publication in the mag! the calls ROCK! and, well, the folks in charge? they rock IN THE BIG CHAIR! :D


  1. I tried the links but they gave me an error :(

  2. Well, lady, I hope you are happy!!! Hehehe!!! I was on your site, got sidetracked looking for a link and ended up on Youtube and so on and so on! So...a few hours later I have finally got back here to congratulate you on your awesome gig! :D Great work dearie!!!

    Thanks for sharing! :o)


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