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Monday, January 3, 2011

SEI December recap

(click the pic!)

i love this! and i simply cannot get enough of SEI's fabby products. i NEED to get a photo printer with some proper paper so i can do some serious scrappin'. Dad said i should just buy whatever i/we need as his Christmas gift to us (he gave me a secondary credit card on one of his accounts, should i ever get stuck)... i had mentioned our need for some new cookin' stuff (pots and pans, a griddle, that kind of thing), but now i'm having second thoughts. :) some of you mentioned that Canon has some great printers - any other suggestions?

anyway, SEI has a great sale going on, and some GORGEOUS new products (get 'em before Valentine's Day, folks!), and i just wanted to take this opportunity to show 'em a little love, like they've shown me. :)


  1. I do love SEI's stuff I could easily spend all my money there...good luck!;)

  2. this is fabulous!!! what a great way of remembering your work!!!..........mmmmm crafting needs or pots and pans???!!!!!.....I know what I would want to do....its such a shame we have to eat!! Hugs Juls

  3. Cute recap. I loved seeing the projects!

  4. Pots and pans for "we" and a print for "i" :) Awesome recap, fabby projects my lovie!


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