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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

we are CELEBRATING one very ODD year, and i'm giving away some coffee!

today is the OFFICIAL one year anniversary of
Some Odd Girl,
and WOOT! we are HOPPIN'!

so i shared my fave Kaylee cards, but if you were to ask me which Some Odd Girl card i've made is my absolute favourite, i think i'd have to say it's this one...

it was for a "3 or more images" challenge on the Some Odd Girl blog, and i was entirely too pleased with how this one came together. i was happy with my colouring, my layering, the papers, the doodles, and ESPECIALLY the way i placed the images for depth. check it out:

i had so much fun making it, and i almost hated to sell it at the craft fair last month, but i hope it went to an appreciative recipient. ;)

believe it or not, THIS was a big part of what kicked my dear Kristy-Holmes-Dollie in the pants, and what started the fabulosity of Some Odd Girl:

weird, right? well the image of the girl was the very first drawing of Kristy's that was put to rubbah, and Adina sent it to her as a gift (but not before i had the chance to ink it up and make something!). yes, there was some scheming going on, but we were convinced from the getgo that she had a true TALENT, and we were determined to see it put to good use!

a year ago today, was launched, with a shopping cart and 35 images, and THIS little lady made her big debut into the crafty world:

she's changed a little since her birth, but overall, she's still the same sweet Kaylee we've all come to know and love! and now she's got more friends than she can count, a huge following, and a very LOYAL fan in me! :)

today, we Odd Girls are sharing our favourite projects, and there may just be some goodies to be won along the way! drop by and visit all of the Odd Girls (start back at the Some Odd Girl challenge blog so you don't miss anyone, or if you've come to me from Kristy's blog, then Kimmy's place is your next stop!). here's the order for quick reference...

Leah (you are here!)
Robin F

finish things off by leaving a comment back at the Some Odd Girl challenge blog, and *I* will be giving away the entire set used in my favourite card up there. :) make sure you leave comments for ALL of the Odd Girls in order to be eligible, and HAPPY HOPPIN', friends!
(if you already own any components from the above set, we'll negotiate!)

happy anniversary, Some Odd Girl! and Kristy, i am SO incredibly proud of you, and i love you!


  1. Love the cards. Thanks for sharing.

  2. YOU! you are makin me all weepy lovie. That's not nice but very nice. Luffff ewe!

  3. Yup. I'm getting all mushy here - and I wasn't even around back then...! You're right, tho. She's got pure talent. And know what? So do you!!

  4. AWWWW! Leah that card is SO cute!! I would have had a very hard time selling it too! COngrats on one year at the Oddies! So cool :) HUGS!!

  5. I LOVE the depth of your card as well! Sounds like you are a wonderful friend and I am sure we all thank you for giving kristy that little nudge in the right direction to start SOG! Hugs!

  6. Well, Leah... what can I say... I found Some Odd Girl through your blog and super happy I did! Great to be on the team with you this term! Your enthusiasm is infectious and love reading your posts and seeing your creations.. cheers, Robin F.

  7. Oh WOW Leah!!!!! Gorgeous stuff and a big thanks for that well placed kick! xxD

  8. can see why this is your fav! Love the glittery lettering! Hugs Juls

  9. Mmm such an amazing card! And I agree with you, the dept is just a clever one... :0)

  10. Proves that brilliant minds think alike! It's a great thing that you girls decided to go for it! I love the stamps and the blog! Please never stop!

  11. OH, what a wonderful card today! How neat to see the image that started it all, too!

  12. No wonder you had a hard time selling that card, it's fantabulous!!! Cool to hear how the oddies got started, too!

  13. Wonderful story, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Love your favourite card, especially the depth and textures you got in it, awesome work.

  14. Way cute! So much fun to see how things have evolved! Love it! :)

  15. Love your cards! And thanks for sharing!

  16. Love your card it's gorgeous! Happy B'day to Some Odd Girl!

  17. the more i look at the coffee set, the more i think i need to add them to my wishlist ;) your card is CUTE!!!

  18. Great job. Congratulations with SOG...I look forward to having fun with you gals and your challenges.

  19. I used this card for my inspiration when I was playing along with that challenge, I just adored it and still do!


  20. Beautiful cards! I can see why it's your favorite. Wow!


  21. Hey Madame L'Orange!
    Wahoo - happy anniversary!
    I have always loved the card that you chose - FAB

  22. Oh yes! I love your fave card! The depth and the attention to detail is just amazing!!!!:)

  23. Hey Leah! Totally fabby cards i just adore them your inking in is jaw dropping! Well done to getting Kristy to create digis! Hugz x

  24. Hi Leah.. ( such a cool/ODD name I love ithehehe.. I love your image that you choose and the colors are just "perfect"


  25. That is a cute card, is perfect, I like the coloring and the layers!
    Thanks for sharing also the historical rubber stamp card :)

  26. So ,it's pretty much all your fault
    Well, for once you are not grounded because what Adina and you did, made sure that the rest of the world would get to enjoy Kristy's amazing drawings!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that t42 card and agree wholeheartedly about the colouring and layering - totally ace. And it is fabulous to see Kristy's drawing in a stamp!

  27. I've seen it before, but I still think it's a wonderful card!


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