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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

another SOGgy Sneak - BALLOON KAYLEE!

okay gang, i'm SO excited about this one... not only because this is the only EXCLUSIVE clear stamp in the release (meaning she's never been available as a digi!), but because i tried something i've never done before and LOVE the result!

my Some Odd Girl sneak for you today....

yes, there is another Balloon Kaylee available as a digi, but it's a younger, girlier version of her. ;) this one's brand spankin' new, and i absolutely LOVE her. she's so versatile, and i can see myself using this stamp for LOADS of occasions!

i'm also pleased with my very first attempt at colouring in BLACK AND WHITE! go, me! i've seen so many people do it so WELL, and honestly, i've been a little intimidated. but i thought i'd give it a shot, and i'm absolutely pleased with the result! maybe i'll try sepia tones next! oh, but let's end this little tangent here, and show you the rest, shall i? :) here's a little more...

and here's my finished card:

and the icing on the cake for me... i used up that dotty paper, which has been sitting in my stash since i BEGAN paper crafting! hadn't the foggiest idea what to do with it, and it just didn't look right with ANYTHING. so an added bonus! :D

anywho, you really ought to CLICK HERE to see what the rest of our Odd Girls have done, as well as our April Guest, and if you leave a comment, you might WIN this little sweetheart! enjoy the sneaks, and i'll be back tomorrow with another Charisma challenge and ANOTHER Some Odd Girl sneak! :D


  1. Love the new stamp and the black and white is super cool!!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE this! The grey/black/white is perfect with the pop of color!!!

  3. How super creative! Love the orange balloon on the balck and white background.

  4. Your bw looks great! And this stamp is so cute...

  5. Oh wow, she looks amazing. Great job with the b/w - that's something I've never tried.

  6. Girly, this is GORGEOUS!!! I'm intimidated lol! :)


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