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Saturday, April 16, 2011

it's time.... share your thoughts, friends!

it's definitely time to get me a good craftin' photographin' lamp. suggestions? i'm thrifty, so cheaper is better - not to mention we're TOTALLY cramped for space.

and YAY for income tax refund! BIG ONE! sooooo pleased. so pleased, in fact, that i spent a teeny bit of money at - they have a ton of hot clearance stuff, a fabby 20% off code (APRIL20), the new Echo Park 6x6 pads, TONS of colours of baker's twine, the new SUPER-YUMMY BasicGrey "Hello Luscious", and awesome shipping and service. yay for new stuff!

i also ordered a couple of new things from the lovely DIANA's Etsy store - she has new doily blooms and multi-media button flowers, and they're DELISH! the girl is crafty! :D

i didn't, however, get my netbook yet. although i do have my eye on a cute little Toshiba, so i'm visiting NewEgg and Amazon to see when the price comes down. oh, and it's ORANGE. kinda got my name all over it. hee hee.

passed my Principles of Banking midterm exam yesterday - woot!

now i'm going accessory shopping, 'cuz i need a springy purse, and maybe some fun necklaces for work. getting tired of the classic black stuff, and need to brighten things up a bit. hellooooooooo, Charming Charlie!


  1. No recommendations on lamps from me since I depend on Mr Sunshine but it sounds like a great shopping spree! I took my refund and got a new laptop this morning. Still getting use to it but so far so good.
    Oh, and maybe some pics of all your new pretty accessories would be fun to see on your blog
    Have fun! Cheers! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the etsy shop love!! And everything else sounds so fab! :)

  3. I got one of this 'photo-tents' from my Hub for my birthday. (I think it actually was the first time, in 10 years, he really surprised me with a really good present). ;0)

    It contained a little tent (43x43x43 cm), that you can 'magicly' and easy fold into a thin bag, two lamps and a camera tripod. Well, I don´t use the tripod, but still..
    It really works great. Takes no place at all.
    And the best of all, it wasn´t expansive!

    It looks like this:
    (Yes, I know, it´s in Swedish... but you get the picture) *lol*


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