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Friday, April 15, 2011

THIS WEEK'S FINAL SNEAKS! Some Odd Girl's new release!

GOOD MORNING! the sun is shining, it's a GORGEOUS day out there, and we're winding things down today at the Some Odd Girl blog with TWO final sneaks from our new release. all of the images we've shown you this week will be available at on TUESDAY, April 19th, so your wait is almost over!

that said, today's sneaks are gonna melt your crafty little hearts - i saw this little miss and i think i "squeeeeed" out loud! can't wait to hear what you all think of her! let's give a big bloggy welcome to...


i couldn't help but give her little kitty friend some ORANGE! :)
here she is up close, so you can see the absolute GLEE on her face!

(i wish the lighting in here made white look like WHITE)

and i took some plain ol' chipboard letters, coloured 'em up with a black sharpie, and added some mini matte pseudo-bling - i say pseudo because they're not shiny at all, just colourful.

and we have another Tiny Tia to show you today, so be sure to mosey on over to the blog - it's gonna be one heck of a girlie release, and we hope you love these little cutie pies as much as we do!

CLICK HERE to see the other Odd Girls' projects, and leave a comment on today's post at the Some Odd Girl blog for your chance to win one of today's images! annnnnd, if you haven't already done it, comment on the rest of the sneak posts back to Monday and you might win any of those, too!

happy Friday, folks! i'm taking my mid-term exam for my Principles of Banking course this afternoon, so i'm a little nervous, but i'm looking forward to some SERIOUS crafty time tonight and tomorrow! hope you all have a fantabulatious weekend! xo


  1. Hi Leah- Such a cutie - TFS - new follower - also Canadian.
    Hugs ~ Jacqueline


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