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Friday, July 3, 2009

rollin', rollin', rollin'... keep that mojo rollin'...

late night last night. but that's okay, because i have today OFF! and soon i shall have the house to myself for several hours, and i plan to do NOTHING but make cards! :)

last night i was inspired by this sketch:

for Card Placement Systems Sketch #122... i've played along on their site before because for a while, i was avoiding sketches, especially simple ones. ultimately, it takes a lot of the thinkwork out of my projects, but i suppose at 3 am, that's probably not a bad thing. ;D here's my card:

can't see the glossy accents on the balloon, but at least the photo shows the dimension. i had a LOT of fun making this one! what shall i get into now?


  1. Ok, FRIGGIN amazing card from a FRIGGIN nonexistent sketch! I would have been STUMPED with that one, and you RAWKED it!!!

  2. gorgeous Pooh card. love the cloud details and the colors. super cute!


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