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Thursday, January 26, 2012


leaving to catch a flight from Philly in just EIGHT HOURS!

hope to do some blogging from Anaheim, and i'm looking forward to
running into some familiar bloggy faces at CHA! it's gonna be FABULOUS!


we've got COLOR at Some Odd Girl!

it's a new challenge, folks, and the LAST for the current team at Some Odd Girl! we are TRULY lucky to have had such wonderful designers for this round, and we are sad to see them go! it's been a fun and fantastic six months, and now it's time for our Odd Girls to pass the torch along, so stay tuned for our big announcement! a very big, heartfelt THANK YOU to the girls who have rocked their term, inspiring the socks off of me, and the rest of the blogosphere! you ladies will be GREATLY missed!

so with our final little farewell to them, we present you with a brand new challenge at the Some Odd Girl blog... with this particular challenge comes a few new rules, so please be sure to read all about it - CLICK HERE for the challenge!

we want to see you create something using THIS as your colour inspiration:

do you LURRRRRVE these colours? i have been a smidgen obsessed with this here palette, so it was a cinch to create something for the occasion. here's my card, featuring a combination of stamps from the In Stitches Tia clear set:

and a close-up of the spool (with my doodling and the fun background!):

the accent buttons were EXACTLY what i needed for the background - it just looked drab without 'em! all coloured up with my beloved Prismas, of course, and one lonely bit of paper from Sass, and i was convincing myself that this card was FINISHED, darn it (ha - no pun intended!)! i am so inclined to busy everything up, so this took willpower! :)

CLICKETY CLICK to see the gorgeous work from the rest of the Odd Girls as we bid them adieu and thank them for their dedication to Some Odd Girl throughout their term! give 'em a bit of love, and join us for this challenge, which runs for an entire MONTH! you could be our big winnah! :)

i also couldn't help but be inspired...
at Allsorts - they're on Pins and Needles, and i'm loving this cute theme! :)