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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ENVIOUS and Dollies challenges! GETTIN' BIZZY!

not me, YOU! you should be joining in on these challenges, because they're fun, they're nifty, and gosh darn it, people like 'em! :)

i'm craftin' away with an icky migraine today, trying to pump out the Dad's Day, wedding and birthday cards so i'll have a whole arsenal of these to sell as my cheapies on saturday.

found a VERY local job for which i plan to apply by the end of the week, provided i get my second letter of recommendation. hoping i can track someone down at my last job in Canada, but it's unlikely. hmph.

FIRST, you need to do the Envious challenge that runs through the end of the month... not only is the collage FABULOUS, but the prize is a secret, though i'm sure it will be horribly scrumptious (as they always are)!

here's the collage:

HOT, right? i love EVERYTHING about this one, and the ideas were going a mile a minute in my poor noggin! so here's what i did with it... another art journal page, telling me to ignore the voices of doubt:

it was my first time trying the packing tape transfer technique, and it came out EXACTLY as i'd hoped, so i'll definitely be playing with tape again! used up lots of rubons and mini alphas and played with the rock candy stickles and stamped a text background then brushed on a light coat of watered down gesso and added some metallic acrylics on top. totally happy with this page - it's not often that the end result looks just like the picture in your head!

go HERE and see what AMAZING creations the rest of the Nerdy Girls have done to inspire you... play along, and you'll be glad you did! :D

annnnnnd, this week's off to a great start for Design Dollies! the first two ingredients in the TRIFECTA recipe have been revealed, and i think most of our participants are waiting for thursday's SKETCH reveal before jumping on the bandwagon! you can choose to do one, two, or all three challenges, separately or combined, for your shot at any of our monthly prizes...

SO. this week's Color Challenge is:
Purple, Orange and White

and my card:

i totally went to town on Chanter Heartsong's hair, but i had LOTS of fun colouring this little miss, and how yummy are those orange Doodlebug alphas? *drool*

so that's ingredient #1 - check out the other Dollies' creations HERE and prepare to be INSPIRATED! :) play along with this challenge by this SUNDAY, June 20th at midnight EST for a chance to win my June prize pack... i took pics of it yesterday and accidentally left some things out, so i have to shoot 'em again! oops.

and the Dollies Elements Challenge has been unveiled, and we think it's SUPER fun, so we can't wait to see what you'll do with it! CLICK HERE to go see all the "Sandy Days Ahead" creations and to play along for another yummy prize!

right. so them's the challenges. another post forthcoming, as it deserves some special attention, and believe me, you're not gonna wanna miss it! :D


  1. oh my word... your colouring is fantastic!!Robin

  2. I will finally get to play with the Dollies again this week!!!! I really missed you guys!!!
    On the job front... do you need me to kick some of my fellow Canucks butts? LOL!!!

  3. Oh and fabulous projects too!!! : )

  4. ok, yeah, i am totally *INSPIRATED*!!! ;) (oof and i ♥love♥ her hair! seriously awesome!) fabFABfabbbbbbbulous AJ page...i am especially diggin' the phototransfers and the way the journaling swirls and goes in circles...much like the thoughts in my head...except yours are LEGIBLE! :) :) :)

    (ps: fingers crossed re VERY LOCAL job!!!) ♥♥♥

  5. Good luck on the job front chickie, I've been thinking good thoughts your way xx

    Loving your art journal page, how awesome is the transfer effect. I've seen lots of tutorials but never tried it myself.

  6. wow weeeeeeeee!!! what an incredible variety of the most gorgeous creations!!! stunning collection girl! LOVING it!!! Hugs Juls


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