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Friday, December 3, 2010

my LASER PRINTER is the pits.

so i'm on the hunt for a decent PHOTO printer so i can do some actual scrapbooking. the photos i've used on my pages over the last year and a bit have all been printed on my laser, and the quality is TERRIBLE. i don't get it!

are any of you using a laser? if so, what kind of printer, and what paper do you buy? i am going to do a factory reset to restore the default settings, but i don't think we strayed too far from the original settings in the first place, so i doubt it will help much, if at all. everything always looks washed out and colourless, and it's upsetting!

so if i can't work this problem out to a point where i'm actually happy with the results and feel like printing some new pics to scrap, i will be looking for a photo printer. suggestions?


  1. I dunno about laser printers....but I LOVE my Canon Pixma!

  2. I'm with Marlene, we have a canon pixma and I haven't been to a print shop since we got it. I love it!

  3. I used to have a Canon too (loved it but it got damaged). I'd go back to Canon in a flash. Stick with the Canon photo paper, or use a professional quality one - stay away from the generics (and Kodak paper is definitely is NO good in anything except its own printers). I currently have an Epson 3-in-1 and although it gives good results on Epson paper, I have been less than impressed with overall quality. I'll keep using it till it dies a natural death but next time I'll be back with Canon :)

  4. PS- try to stick with the recommended inks for your printer too - it really does make a difference ;)

  5. I use my laser just for black and white stuff (which is all it does anyways lol) but I heart my Canon Selphy! You can almost never go wrong with a Canon!

  6. Epson is the suggested photo printer. I really like mine but not sure which one it is. Ink is pricey too but you can change out by color and not all at once. I am your newest follower from Mod Podge Rocks.


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