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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

we have new digis ON SALE at Some Odd Girl!

yeah, we have three more digis available in the store today, and this girl has to be one of my faves. well, we all know Kaylee's my favourite in the Some Odd Girl family, but this one is just ridiculously cute. wouldn't you agree?

meet 70s Kaylee!

love that little outfit - the tube top and the suspender dress, and those drab loafers! TOTALLY 70s!

anywho... we are on day three of our digi reveals, and you'll want to CLICK HERE to see the other two newbies in the store. remember, if you buy them TODAY, you'll get them on sale! they'll still be available tomorrow, but there will be new ones on sale (you'll just have to wait and see, 'cuz there's still lots of good stuff coming!).


  1. fabby!! Love the soft retro feel you have created! Hugs Juls

  2. Wow, she is darling!! Love your design! Love those freckles on her nose!!

  3. Super groovy card Leah! 70's Kaylee such a cutie and I love how you've colored her up... those freckles are a fantastic touch! :)

  4. She is totally totally "Grooovy baby!".....funkadelic wicked! Great letters !

  5. Super cute, love the colouring and the freckles :)


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