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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTY! my favourite Odd Girl!

hiya friends!

today is a VERY special day, for those of you who didn't already know.
you know my Holmes-Kristy-Dollie? the ODD GIRL, herself?

it's her BIRTHDAY!

and i want to wish her a very, very happy 30th... while i'm not there to celebrate in person, and i can't have a drink because i'm on antibiotics for this nasty ear infection, i will see her in a few months and we'll make up for it then! :D

and how sweet is she? lemme tell you how stinkin' awesome she is....
she's got a DIGI SALE going on right now - enter code 30BDAY
and take 20% off your ENTIRE digi purchase now through Friday at!

annnnnnd, there's more!
she's introduced a brand new girlie to just for the occasion!

she looks a little saucy, doesn't she?

well run over to to grab this new lovely, take advantage of the big sale, drop by the Some Odd Girl challenge blog to help us celebrate (all month, in fact!), and CLICK HERE to visit Kristy at her blog, and wish her a happy birthday!

much, much love to you, my bestie! i hope you're positively SPOILED today (and every day!). i love you!

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