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Sunday, February 26, 2012


there is colouring going on in the house of Orange, and the other day, i did a bit of a sweep to see what crafty stuff i want to sell. stay tuned! there will be some photos! the last time i offered up either a trade or sell, but this time i'm all about sellin'. need to clear some space (espesh if we're hoping to move into a new house later this year) and make money for my Copics. 'cuz 12 simply won't do!

are you all getting your craft on? what are you working on? tell me! i need to know! :) craftin'? chillin'? getting ready for the Oscars? (i'm sorry, but FORGET Oscar, gimme The Walking Dead!)

the sun is GORJE today, so it's nice to have a bit of natural light that i can actually USE for a change. and Trader Joe's "JOE" coffee is the bizzomb. fer serious. i love this stuff and it's gonna get me through the day!

random pic 'cuz i know you people like your visual stimulation!

(i was once ALMOST eaten by a T-Rex!)


  1. I am TRYING to get my craft on! Let's just say that I can't WAIT till the kids go back to school tomorrow lol...


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