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Friday, September 21, 2012

still celebrating at Designed to Color with a recipe challenge with FAB prizes!

WOOT!  it's time for a scavenger hunt of sorts...  there's a fabby prize or two to win, so pay attention!  :D

have i mentioned that i LOVE coloring?  i never used to, until Some Odd Girl happened, and then i just dove in - no turning back!  :)  this little miss has something very special in store for you, along with the Color Crew!  ready for some fun?

the Color Crew at Designed to Color has mixed up a happy batch of YUM for you - we're combining ingredients and making a group recipe for you to use on a crafty little project.  we have put together a little hop/hunt for you, and you'll need to visit all of our blogs to get your ingredients.  once you have them all, you'll whip them up into something fabulous and share at the Designed to Color blog.  but there's a catch!

not EVERY Color Crew member is participating in the hunt with an ingredient, but you'll have to visit everyone, or you might miss something!  :)  we like a challenge, and we didn't want to just hand everything over.  heh.

here's the Color Crew - you don't have to visit them in order, but you will want to end up at the Designed to Color blog once you've cooked up something tasty with our ingredients!

the cooks and bakers among us have hidden our ingredients somewhere in our posts, and when you've created something using all of them, you'll need to LIST THE INGREDIENTS so we can easily see that you've found them and followed the recipe.  link up and have fun!  can't wait to see what yum you manage to cook up!
and i've whipped up something just for the occasion...  this card features Angel Gwen (a new clear stamp set from Some Odd Girl!), and i've incorporated ALL of the recipe ingredients into my card.  oh!  you're still reading?  well guess what?  you've found another ingredient here - add "something doodled" to your list, and be sure to include that in your concoction!  :)  here's Gwen, colored up with Copics (not my usual medium), with some doodly stitches, corners, and snowflakes:

 and here's a close-up of my blingy chipboard, with some doodly snowflakes tied on with twine:

(click 'em to enlarge!)  Gwen, the banner and the sentiment are all part of the new set at Some Odd Girl, and i just love the versatility!

so keep hunting, leave us some love along the way, and we hope you're inspired to create using our recipe!  all of the deets are on the Designed to Color blog, so be sure to link up, list your ingredients, and HAVE FUN!  :D 

p.s. - i HATE the new Blogger so far (i know lots of you are loving it).  i've hated the new Yahoo mail, the new Google, the new Facebook Timeline, and just about everything they "fix" that ain't broke.  meh.


  1. your card is stunning Leah! Loving the doodles and circles.. totally amazeballs!

  2. SUPER cute card! I love the colors on this!

  3. This might be my favorite card from you of ALL TIME!!!

  4. Sooooo gorgeous Leah!! I love the colors! She's a doll! I'm gonna have to pick her up on round 2 of my SOG shopping trip! ;)

  5. Really cute card. Love the way you laid it out and love Angel Gwen (my daughter loves the image too).Thanks for the hints.

  6. "p.s. - i HATE the new Blogger so far (i know lots of you are loving it). i've hated the new Yahoo mail, the new Google, the new Facebook Timeline, and just about everything they "fix" that ain't broke. meh."
    Ha! you're not the only one girly I dislike all of the "new versions" of everything you mentioned.


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