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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Damaris has a 25 days of Christmas party goin' on!

howdy, folks! 

have you been to THIS place yet?  there is a whole lot of fun to be had, 'cuz Damaris is doing the holidays up in her own special style, and she has turned it into a huge crafty party that you don't wanna miss!  VISIT HER BLOG and be sure to join the fun - she has tons of posts from 11/12 through 12/14 and if you read carefully, you'll find some great opportunities to win some awesome goodies!  :)  not to mention this girl is a BUSYBODY and she always has awesome crafty projects to share!  CHECK HER OUT, YO.  you'll be glad you did!  :D

Grab My Badge 
i'm off to go see what she's up to this weekend!  :)  happy crafting, friends!  and wish me luck - i have a craft fair at our local church today and tomorrow, and a BIG one next weekend!  WOOT!


  1. Your words always make me smile... I've made you my friend in my head. Hahaha..

    Thanks for joining me and I'm sooo excited that I want to schedule them all to post tomorrow! lol.

    x0, D

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