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Friday, May 3, 2013

Odd Idol first round has ENDED! 20 people advancing to Round 2!

hey there, chickens!  what's chickin'?  :)

it's Friday - WOOT!  we've applied for our mortgage and things are in the bank's hands while we wait for the appraisal.  Monday is our home inspection (and i'm already getting poorer and poorer by the day!) and if things continue to go smoothly (big bucks, big bucks, no whammies!), then we are expecting a settlement date of May 29th.  NEW HOME!  :)  and i will be a homeowner for the first time ever!  SO exciting...  that also means i'll be getting a kitty soon thereafter, and THAT, dear chickens, makes me very happy! 

okay, enough gushing.  life is good!  it's going to be an awesome day at work, and an awesome day on the world wide web.  know why?  well i'll tell ya!  the first round of Odd Idol closed on Wednesday night, and we have some people advancing to Round 2!  check out Some Odd World and/or the Some Odd Girl blog and cheer our crafters on!  we're announcing the next challenge theme, and we're showing you which projects were selected by our judges (read: Odd Girls), and we're reminding you how totes oss the prize is for our big winner!  crikey.  seriously, it's ridiculously awesome.

YEP.  told you so!  our generous sponsors rock in a very big way, and we can't wait to see what the winner will do with all this fabby swag!  SO.  CLICK HERE to see what's going on and have a WONDERFUL weekend!  :)


  1. so happy to hear about the new home. of course when the time comes will need pics. and a new scrap room too.?? dont forget to send the old to your friends. lol have a great weekend. love ya.

  2. Fingers crossed. And a new kitty thereafter sounds like pure bliss!


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