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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Project Life at Paper Issues!

new issue at Paper Issues and people are eating this ess up!  i haven't jumped on the bandwagon 'cuz i'm not a scrapper, as you know, but lemme tell ya, when i said i'd get in on Some Odd Girl's Project Life project, i kinda really TOTES dug it.

i can see myself getting addicted - if ever i get myself a proper photo printer, or order my Instagram prints from one of the many sites out there.  (Paper Issues was recently sponsored by Origrami, and they have TOTES cute packaging and awesome quality, from what i'm told!)

Project Life.
i know LOTS of you do it.
so you wanna get in on the latest ISSUE at Paper Issues, because that's what it's all about.

here's my (unofficial) Project Life spread, Some Odd Girl style:

SO.  am i doing it right?  :)  they're probably more like little mini-pages than actual PL pages, since i don't leave room for journaling and whatnot.  but they DO represent me, and my life, and who i am and what i dig.  and i had FUN making them!



as you can see, not much negative space.  bit of glare, too.  but how DO you photograph those things if they're tucked into plastic sleeves that give off a GLARE?!  

so yeah.  PL fans, CLICK HERE to see our new issue - Project Life is our sponsor! 

and you could win a CORE KIT or one of  6 sampler packs like this:

and now, i'm off to do the hokey pokey.  :)  actually i'm off to Cape May, where hubbin and i tied the knot nearly 8 years ago.  we're going to eat crazy hot dogs and stick our feet in the ocean.  later, chickens!  :)

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