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Monday, September 22, 2014

there's new FLAIR in town!

can i get a "WOOT WOOT!"? 

my crafty friend and fellow Paper Issues gal, Toni From, opened her online shop today, and she's rocking the FLAIR with Toni From Designs!  i know you love this stuff as much as i do, so let's congratulate Toni on her new venture, wish her a TON of success, and GO SHOPPING!  :)  (there might be a promo code available, too, just sayin'...)

first of all, i LOVE these flair pieces.  they are flat backed, and PLASTIC, so as to maintain the archival-free quality of your paper projects.  the plastic backs make them lighter than the metal ones, too, which is great for cardmakers like me, who prefer their projects NOT to topple!

anywho, there are 10 sets available right now, and i already have 2, plus another set or 3 on order.  ;)  and you can save 10% off your whole order using the code GRANDOPENING now through 9/28 at midnight Eastern.

so.  you wanna see?  CHECK THESE OUT!

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween


i'll be sharing a project using some of these later in the week, but CLICK HERE to see Trick or Treat in action, because our friend Jen Chapin made a fab page to show off the set!  

SO!  Toni's Etsy Shop is now OPEN FOR BUSINESS, and you should watch HER BLOG all week for lots of fun reveals!  did i mention she makes CUSTOM FLAIR?  yeah, you can order a specific thing and she'll rock it, just for you.  because she's pretty rad like that.

i'll be back to show off my Toni From Flair...
congrats Toni on your new shop, and thank you for letting me join you for the big release!

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