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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

who knew i could be so planny?

evenin', chickens!  

so about a month and a half ago, i got this fabulous little gift box from the gorgeous and sensational Aimee Maddern, for absolutely no reason except that she freaking rocks.

in that box?  S'mores Oreos.  Reese's Oreos.  and THIS:

and now i'm all kinds of planny!
yep.  it's pretty!  and so, so functional! 

my style is a combination of planning and documenting/memory-keeping, so i'll write down the things that are coming up, but i'll fill in the details at the end of each day.  i'm loving The Happy Planner, and these are my favorite pens:

i started late, but i jumped right in.  at first, i was just excited to fill the lines and boxes with stuff:

and was enjoying the bright and colorful pages as my days filled up:

but then i started getting a little more matchy and themey with colors and supplies:

and i thought it was important to remind myself to keep my chin up!

remember the boring stuff, and hey, maybe have a little fun in the meantime!

i laid out this week in advance...

and you're gonna see more of this stuff.  because...  planner love, yo!


  1. omgosh, this is all kinds of awesome! Can you do mine?! LOL

  2. I love it! I haven't quite gotten into,the planner craze but I feel it will hit me soon.


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